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  Weller WES51 soldering iron
Weller WES51

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How To Pick the Best Soldering Iron in the USA

How to choose the best soldering iron for your needs? Which one is the best soldering iron and why?
Before you buy soldering iron you may wish to read some reviews about soldering irons to find out what other people think about soldering irons from their experience and which soldering iron they recommend. We wrote few reviews for the most popular soldering irons available in USA (please click on links below to read these reviews). We wrote reviews for the following soldering irons:

- review of Hakko FX-888D soldering iron CLICK ON LINK TO READ OUR REVIEW
- review of Weller soldering iron WES51
- review of Weller soldering iron WESD51(digital)
- review of Aoyue soldering station 2702
- review of Pace Soldering Station MBT-250
- review of Weller soldering pencil SP23LK

These 6 soldering irons (listed above) are our top recommendation for the best soldering iron available in the USA.